Our good friend Lisa Jones runs Masterworks Kids’ Art Studio in Marin County, California, whose purpose is to introduce kids to the magic of the creative process. The artists begin each year with an “International Project” and this year, inspired by WT’s past catalogs, the Masterworks students created their own version of our catalog cover. Click through this collection, the wonderful results of this project, to see who crafted each catalog design.


Since 1997, Masterworks has provided a hands-on study of the masters and art through the ages around the world. The curriculum, designed for students ages 6 to 14, blends classic art instruction with the historical and cultural origin in which the art is created.

We’re honored that our catalogs inspired such delightful creativity!


  1. Bravo! It was wonderful to see a whole studio wall with about 60 of these covers at Lisa’s last show. Her students really had lots of fun with this assignment and we hope WT can inspire more creativity at Masterworks.
    Brian McGilloway
    Photo Editor

  2. Unbelievable artistic abilities in these young artists. Such a terrific opportunity for those who live close enough to take part. The entire curriculum at Masterworks is awe inspiring.

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