Reading about historic places filled with evocative ruins is one thing—but finding yourself amid their storied landmarks is another thing entirely. Here are six adventures in some of the world’s most historically significant places, where the mark of legendary authors, intrepid explorers, and advanced civilizations can still bring goosebumps. Come face-to-face with captivating sites that have stood for millennia, and let these magnificent settings become part of your own treasured travel memories. Put down the books and let us—and your imagination—be your guide!


In the land of mist-shrouded crags and artisanal whisky, hike to the 5,000-year-old Callanish Standing Stones (older than Stonehenge!), walk along Loch Ness on the lookout for Nessie, visit the iconic ruins of Brochel Castle, 15th century stronghold of Clan MacLeod, and hear Gaelic legends told by a traditional storyteller.


The mountaintop masterpiece of Machu Picchu and the ancient Inca capital of Cusco are astonishing world treasures. Explore them on a leisurely cultural walking trip or make the challenging trek on the stone-paved Inca Trail. You can even customize a Private Journey for your own group.


Head to the sunny Cyclades islands to walk a Roman road, visit the Venetian fortress of Exomvourgo, and explore sacred Delos, holy island of the ancient Greeks. In Greece’s north, walk in Zagoria’s hidden villages, hike to the Meteora monasteries, and ascend Mount Olympus, home of the gods. Our Cruise Collection also offers a number of Greek journeys.

Rajastan, India

Deep in India’s desert kingdom is a world of colorful cities and vibrant festivals. We’ll explore the sandstone Mehrangarh Fort, with its seven massive gateways leading to temples and palaces, gardens and lakes, and its bustling lanes and bazaars, and experience the Pushkar or Nagaur festival, a unique livestock trading fair.


Explore fabled Istanbul, heart of the Ottoman and Byzantine worlds, walk the marble-paved Arcadian Way at magnificent Ephesus, Roman capital of Asia, hike to Lycian rock tombs accessible only on foot, and snorkel in cobalt bays above mysterious cities long buried by the sea.


This Mediterranean island shaped by dramatic Mount Etna has epic World Heritage Sites: Roman temples, impressive Greek theatres, cathedrals with golden Norman-Arab mosaics, and Siracusa’s unforgettable Ortigia Island, with its Baroque public squares and Doric temples. Our expert Trip Leaders bring them all to life for you.

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