Our hiking and cultural journeys are the perfect combination of active days and enriching encounters off the trail. We’re happy to share reports from happy travelers after they return from their adventures, and this wonderful photo journal from our Hiking the Faroe Islands trip inspires us to explore more of the “Land of Maybe.”

The Faroe Islands are a magical place that envelops you inside emerald green velvety mountains surrounded by sapphire blue seas. It is the “Land of Maybe,” where the mist and clouds roll in, crowning the already dramatic landscapes with an aura of mystery.

Black houses covered in roofs of green grass resemble something out of a fantasy fiction novel. 

The steep cliffs plummet from high, down to the ocean, forming dramatic coastlines.

The islands fill the panorama with endless vast beauty. Looking up from the boat tour, you’re dwarfed by the 2000-foot cliffs that appear like giants.  

It feels as though you are in a fairytale land far from civilization, but the warmth and friendliness of the locals make you feel at home—like you belong there.   

Experiencing farm-to-table meals inside the homes and small eateries were as extraordinary as Michelin-starred restaurants. Lamb from their flocks of sheep, salmon fresh from the sea, and fragrant rhubarb accents abound many dishes.

Small towns of brightly colored houses nestled in the mountain crevasse, always bordering the sea, and always accompanied by a quaint little church, with painted interiors and ships that dangle from the ceiling.  

Hiking along verdant pastures and up to majestic mountains framed in waterfalls will fill your soul with awe.

While you crest the mountaintop, the scenery opens up to even more unimaginable beauty and takes your breath away. And then you see puffins, adorable and animated residents of the sea cliffs. Such wonder and beauty are around every bend and corner of this magnificent archipelago.

—Text and photos by three-time WT adventurer Valerie Gulling, Hiking the Faroe Islands.

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