At this time, more than two-thirds of the world’s countries are now open to American travelers! After a year of uncertainty and delayed plans, our intrepid travelers are setting back out on once-in-a-lifetime adventures, and we have been so uplifted by their photos and reports from the field. Here are some trips that have recently returned and what our guests had to say about their experience traveling during this time.

The Galapagos

A most phenomenal trip; excellent accommodations; superb group leader and naturalist! The yacht was exceptional as was the entire crew! The itinerary was great, activities exciting, fun, and informative! I can’t say enough about the entire experience!

Tammy S., Ultimate Galapagos

Costa Rica

Extraordinary experience at Corcovado. Our Trip Leader was enthusiastic, accommodating, invariably helpful, knowledgeable, and flexible. I especially appreciated his willingness to take me on a separate hike that others would have found too demanding.

David F., Costa Rica Private Journey

Turkey’s Turquoise Coast

It was fantastic!  Well beyond my expectations.  I give top reviews for the trip and both the extensions.  I’m bragging so much about it that I could become a Wilderness Travel salesperson to recruit travelers!

Magret N., The Turquoise Coast


The food was OUTSTANDING! The hotels were very good. The itinerary was really well planned out. I’m very thankful to WT for making this trip happen and the extra work it took. It was great to begin exploring again, and we really felt very lucky to be among the first visitors back to Greece. Everyone we encountered was so friendly and welcoming and we didn’t have any crowds to contend with, which was really fortunate for us.  

Angie R., Hiking in the Greek Isles


This trip was beyond excellent—it was extraordinary to have close interactions with some of the animals, and the staff and leaders offered wonderful hospitality.

Charlotte F., In the Realm of the Desert Lion


Truly one of the highlights of our lives. It was a beautiful, thrilling time for us, despite all of the border closings, Covid tests, and so forth. As you suggested, we were patient and everything else counterbalanced any momentary issue. Thank you so much for encouraging us to go this route for our visit.

Dan K. and Nancy B., Ultimate Namibia and Botswana

This really was the trip of a lifetime and we are telling everyone and anyone all about it. Africa truly stays with you. The animals, the people, the landscape, and the most amazing sunsets.

Gail K., Ultimate Namibia and Botswana

Despite all the uncertainty and six Covid tests, we are SO glad we decided to go! It was the trip of a lifetime and we were incredibly lucky to have a private tour of amazing Botswana with our outstanding guide! The crew was so hospitable and gracious and the food was out of this world. 

We were happy to contribute somewhat to the local economy but it was so sad to see how much the people have suffered during the pandemic.  We hope things will improve, but it will take quite some time for tourism to resume to pre-pandemic levels. Anyway, thanks for all your support and for hanging in with us during these unusual times to travel.  We will definitely recommend this trip to friends!

Stephanie T., Botswana: Okavango Explorer


I wanted to thank you for organizing an incredible trip to Africa. I can’t speak highly enough about your guides. They were professional and knowledgeable in every aspect of our trip. Not once did I worry about our safety. Their knowledge of the animals, birds, plants, and terrain was incredible. All of our accommodations were A+. The lodges and camps were clean, comfortable, and staffed with excellent people. The food provided by them was also excellent. My scale proves it. 

The Covid testing went without a glitch and we were never stopped or questioned on any of our flights. This had been a big concern, but you came through. We will always recommend and speak highly of Wilderness Travel.

Kristeen K., Tanzania Private Journey

We had some great experiences with elephants (I’m now known as the elephant woman) including having elephants roam near our tent area on our last night in the Serengeti. You couldn’t have picked two better guides than the two we had. They were so knowledgeable about the animals, birds, and plants we were looking at as well as the behaviors we should expect from the animals. The inclusion of the local tribes, the Maasi and others, was a great treat. Experiencing the culture of the local people was very important for me, in addition to the wildlife. And as a bonus, we all learned a bit of Swahili while in Tanzania. Everyone, including the local people, was friendly!

For clients concerned about Covid, all I can say is the entire crew handled themselves professionally and we never thought about Covid during our trip. As they say in SwahiliAsanti sana!

April M., Tanzania Private Journey


In one sentence: the trip was amazing and exceeded my expectations! Thank you very much for putting it together; I could not imagine a better way to get to know Wilderness Travel and the way you do your trips.

My very special thanks go to your local guides in Georgia. Eka and her team have been awesome; I’d give them 7 stars on the 1-5 star scale. They worked incredibly hard and could not be any more helpful throughout the entire trip. As we all know, Georgia is a bit off-the-beaten-path, and things don’t always work there as smoothly as we are used to in the States. Still, the entire trip went flawlessly and without a single hitch, despite the enormous amount of responsibilities that Eka and her team carried on their shoulders day in and day out. She is someone I’d definitely want to have as my trip leader again. 

Boris R., Hiker’s Journey to the Caucasus

For a full list of what countries are open now and what trips can take you there, take a look at our webpage Where Can I Travel Now?

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