It’s Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate and share love. If you’re fresh out of red construction paper and glitter, here are a few ideas on how you can spread good feelings and happiness without leaving glue stuck under your fingernails:

ste-donate1-cropHelp Save The Elephants stop the decimation of these intelligent creatures and sustain the beauty and ecological integrity of the places they live.

From-Himalayan-Foundation-webpage-goats_livelihood_700_gallery-saadj-smallTransform the lives of Tibetan families and help the earthquake reconstruction effort in Nepal with a donation to the American Himalayan Foundation.

From-Common-Hope-invite-girls-crop-smallSponsor a child in Guatemala through Common Hope, which provides them the opportunity to go to school, visit the doctor, and live in a clean, safe house.

Brian-McGilloway-hi-res-227-044-adj-crop-smallAdopt a marine iguana, tortoise, or sea lion and contribute to safeguarding the Galápagos Islands’ natural resources through the Galápagos Conservancy.

WTOwns-Chimpanzee-Mahale-Tanzania-iStock_000081638609_Large-saadj-crop-smallHelp save apes and their habitat by supporting The Jane Goodall Institute.

These are just a few of the worthy organizations we’ve been honored to work with through the years. For additional ideas on how you can make our world a more wonderful place to live, see our Making a Difference page.

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