What tops your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2016? If you’re like us, that spot is almost always held by the same aspiration: “travel as much as possible this year!”

The decision of where, in this great, wide world, to explore next is a bit more difficult to make. Lonely Planet and CNN have both recently published articles to help narrow down your list of contenders. Here are their choice destinations for 2016. Click on the links to see what trips WT offers in these special places:

Lonely Planet’s Top Ten Must-See Countries for 2016
Botswana (top country!) “invigoratingly wild”
Japan “modern yet ancient”
USA “surreal and spectacular landscapes”
Palau “one of the most magical snorkeling destinations in the world”
Latvia “Baltic treasure”
Australia “pristine wilderness”
Poland “destination on the rise”
Uruguay* “a cowboy fantasy”
Greenland “watch the Northern Lights dance”
Fiji “paradise”

CNN’s Top 16 Up-and-coming Destinations
Mongolia “Mongolia’s mystique lies in its primal lifestyle”
Papua New Guinea “undiscovered…some of the best snorkeling in the world”
The Arctic “following the ice’s edge with an eye peeled…for wildlife is exhilarating”
Madagascar “animals found nowhere else on the planet”
Iran “nowhere stirs the imagination quite like Iran”
Taiwan “soaring green mountains, thriving cities and food to rival any Asian cuisine”
India’s National Parks “world’s best opportunities to see big cats up close”
Uganda “arguably the best wildlife safari in the world”
Georgia “a land of medieval architecture, timeless culture and staggering scenery”
USA (see above)
Patagonia “vast empty lands and estancias…carved fjords and glistening glaciers”
Palau (see above)
South Georgia & Antarctica “rich in wildlife…Antarctic peaks and hanging glaciers”
Honduras “fine white-sand beaches, Mayan ruins and colorful colonial cities”
Gabon* “little-known beauty filled with remote beaches, dense jungle and wildlife”
Romania “filled with green groves…and hiking trails for adventure-heads”

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