Join us on the trail of the big cats! Whether you’re seeking the regal beauty of Bengal tigers, the mystique of snow leopards, or the stealth of wild cheetahs, witnessing these big cats in their natural habitats is an extraordinary experience.

Not only do our impeccably designed trips give you the best chance at seeing these elusive creatures, they also support crucial conservation efforts. Get fully immersed in the stunningly beautiful landscapes and phenomenal wildlife of Asia, Africa, and South America while our expert Trip Leaders guide the way.

Check out our trips below and contact our Area Specialists at 1-800-368-2794 or email to book your spot.

Snow Leopards & Tigers of India

Seek the elusive snow leopard in the high Himalayas of Ladakh, then venture to the subtropical world of Kanha National Park to track royal Bengal tigers. A portion of your trip funds go to the Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust and TOFTigers.

Desert Lions of Namibia

Venture to hauntingly beautiful Namibia, where an amazing story of wildlife conservation unfolds. Go behind the scenes at AfriCat Foundation to track the world’s only population of desert lion while a portion of your trip funds supports the foundation. This trip was featured in AFAR magazine.

Jaguars of Brazil

Journey to the heart of Pantanal, the world’s largest tropical wetlands, whose open habitats are ideal for viewing the majestic jaguar. As you travel by boat via the Paraguay River, you’ll spot jaguars as they drink, swim, and hunt. We’ll also safari by 4WD vehicle and canoe to see extraordinary birdlife such as macaws and huge jabiru storks, and perhaps catch a glimpse of giant anteaters and giant otters as well.

Pumas of Patagonia

Spend three full days tracking pumas, known as the “ghosts of the Andes,” on this brand-new trip to Chilean Patagonia. Paine National Park is thought to hold a higher concentration of pumas than anywhere else on Earth. You’ll likely see guanacos, native foxes, armadillos, flamingos, and soaring condors too.

Tigers of Central India

This safari-style trip explores four unique reserves run by Project Tiger, an innovative conservation program launched in 1973. Search for fascinating big cats as well as leopard, sloth bear, spotted deer, dhole (Indian wild dog), and the full diversity of Indian wildlife. Rest up in welcoming boutique-style game lodges. Get a glimpse of the adventure in the video below.

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