How to Submit a Post

It’s easy to share your images on the WT Photo Blog!

We’re looking for outstanding photographs with short, entertaining captions. Meaningful travel experiences are the key—there are lots of stock photos of mountain peaks out there, but your photo and story of an unforgettable travel moment? That’s unique!

Email a single photo, a gallery of related images (no more than 25), or a short video (under two minutes) to Our email address can accept up to 25 MB of images at one time.

Include a descriptive caption. This is as important as the photo! Two hundred words or less is the length. This is a chance to reveal the story behind the image; offer insight into the place, people, or wildlife; illustrate a highlight from the journey; or offer a travel tip for other adventurers. Share your story!

Send high-quality jpgs or provide web access to the images. Do not edit or photoshop the image—the original shot is what we need. Title each image with the photographer’s name and location of the shot (for example: John Jones, India, Taj Mahal, IMG 1234). Keep the original file number—do not rename or renumber it.

All submissions will be edited, and submissions are not guaranteed to be posted. We will contact you to confirm the content before the final post is published.

Images and text may also be reposted (with credit to you, when possible) by Wilderness Travel on our website and social media platforms, including our Facebook page.

We look forward to receiving your submission! Questions? Email our photo blog editor at

Thank you for being part of our Adventure Community!


    • Wilderness Travel Reply

      Hi Tracey,
      The photographer still owns the photo. We’ve just been granted rights to use it.

      Sommer Antrim
      Photoblog Editor

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