WT adventurer Larry Arsenault’s 40 year academic and medical research career in imaging sciences is masterfully displayed in his beautiful travel photography. “I have always been interested in the aesthetics of objects and the translation of that into art – be it painting, photography, or just experiencing it without trying to capture it,” Larry says. “Wilderness Travel fits very nicely into this photography background.” Larry and his wife, Nancy, have traveled with WT to diverse destinations across the globe: on a hiking trip in Sicily, to the Mediterranean islands of Corsica and Sardinia, to South America’s Galápagos Islands and on to Lake Titicaca and the ruins of Machu Picchu. From these journeys, a spectrum of images have emerged, photographs of the sights, colors, and textures that surrounded them on foreign soil, that Larry was moved to record and share. “I find that after lecturing and doing research for 30 plus years, my interest at this point is to simply observe the aesthetics of objects through the camera lens and to present the finished image as I experienced it.”

So without further ado, please enjoy your experience and interaction with a sampling of the lovely photographic art inspired by Larry’s travels (click on the individual images to enlarge):

Larry Arsenault-Zingore Nature Reserve-small-web










Photos by 3-time WT adventurer Larry Arsenault, text by WT Photo Blog Editor Sommer Antrim, Enchanted Isles, Corsica and Sardinia, Hiking in Sicily

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