Sheltered in the high plateaus of India, the wild jungles of Uganda, and the remote deserts of Namibia are unique and extraordinary species of wildlife. Wilderness Travel was founded with the mission of bringing adventurers to these pristine, untamed spaces, and we invite you to experience the thrill of seeing these majestic creatures in the wild.

whale shark

Whale Sharks

Whale sharks are actually the world’s largest fish and can grow to be the size of a school bus. Though they are enormous in size, they move at a slow speed of about three miles per hour. Swim alongside these gentle giants in Indonesia’s remote Cenderawasih Bay.

Swim with whale sharks in Cenderawasih Bay

orangutan in borneo


The orangutan, the original “wild man of Borneo,” gets its name from the Malay words for orang “man,” and utan “jungle.” Found in the wild only on Borneo and the Indonesian island of Sumatra, orangutans are the heaviest tree-dwelling animal in the world. We visit the Sepilok Forest Reserve and Danum Valley to search for them on forest walks.

Keep an eye out for orangutan in Borneo

desert lion in namibia

Desert Lions

This adventure takes you into the heart of Namibia’s desert lion territory, the only desert-adapted lion in the world. These extraordinary creatures were once on the brink of extinction—only 25 were counted in 1999—but with the help of the extraordinary work of Dr. Flip Stander, the species is making a comeback. We’ll spend time with Dr. Stander and also track the rare black rhino.

Search for desert lion with expert trackers

snow leopard ladakh himalaya india

Snow Leopards

The elusive and endangered snow leopard is one of the rarest creatures in the world, and due to its secretive nature, remains the least studied of all big cats. On our journey to Ladakh, we work with trackers who identify likely sites for snow leopard movement for a chance to get a glimpse of these spectacular creatures.

Track snow leopards high in the Himalaya

mountain gorilla in uganda

Mountain Gorillas

Observing the mountain gorillas of Uganda is a “bucket list” experience. We give you two full days of gorilla tracking to maximize your encounters with these magnificent beings. The tracking can be physically challenging, but the rewards are tremendous when we spot a gorilla family and become absorbed in watching these gentle creatures.

Experience up-close encounters with mountain gorillas

puma in patagonia argentina and chile


Patagonia’s vast landscapes are home to dozens of fascinating species including the Chilean flamingo, guanaco, and Magellanic penguin. The largest predator in the land, and also one of the most vulnerable due to habitat loss, is the puma. On this new trip, we’ll track this endangered species as well as king penguins as we explore Patagonia down to Tierra del Fuego.

Search for pumas in Patagonia

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