WT Trip Leader Rob Noonan just returned from his inaugural Expedition to Greenland. What were Rob’s initial feelings as he set out on the adventure? “25 days of exploring, followed by 9 days guiding some fantastic folks on the frozen island…psyched.” And when he returned? “Greenland is amazing! Greenland’s people are so wonderful! I love Greenland!” In between, he encountered these stunning sights and tasted this delicious food (we understand why he was sad to leave and already looking forward to returning next year).


Greenlandic King Crab


Kangia Icefjord, Ilulissat // Rob Enjoying the View
1:11am in Greenland, sleeping is overrated!
Big walls made of some of the oldest rock on Earth, along the West Coast.

“I hope you’ll join me in Greenland in 2016!”

-Photos by WT Trip Leader Rob Noonan, Expedition to Greenland

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