Glacier Bay should be about solitude, beauty, and introspection. The stunning landscapes are both eternal and eternally changing. Wilderness Travel gives travelers the opportunity to experience Alaska personally and on their own terms, away from jostling crowds, massive ships, and rigid schedules.

What a privilege it was to see for ourselves what John Muir so expressively described:

…sunshine streamed through the luminous fringes of the clouds and fell on the green waters of the fjord, the glittering bergs, the crystal bluffs of the vast glacier, the intensely white, far-spreading fields of ice, and the ineffably chaste and spiritual heights of the Fairweather Range, which were now hidden, now partly revealed, the whole making a picture of icy wildness unspeakably pure and sublime.

Text by 2-time WT adventurer Chris Quan, Alaska Private Journey

Photos by Brian McGilloway

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