There is something incredible about perspective. We searched for a different angle on some of the places we explore on our adventures, and were amazed how different they look from the sky. Tea plantations become mazes, a spring festival becomes a riot of color, and rivers become something like a watercolor painting. Take a look at these eight stunning aerial photos.
aerial photos sri lanka tea plantationHovering over a tea plantation in Sri Lanka. On our journey, Sri Lanka, we walk through tea plantations just like these, and later learn the fine art of “tasting” tea.

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aerial photos sossusvlei namibiaCatching the soft light over Sossusvlei dunes in Namibia. On our unique Namibia Expedition, we overnight at the only lodge inside Namib-Naukluft National Park, allowing us access at sunrise and after sunset, so you can photograph and climb these imposing dunes while the light is right—no need to line up waiting for the gates to open.

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aerial photos raja ampat indonesiaKnown as the heart of the Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat is the world’s richest area for coral reefs (the triangle includes Northern Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea). We journey through this wondrous realm aboard a traditional double-masted Indonesian schooner, anchoring in beautiful coves, with lots of time to explore above (and below!) the water’s surface.

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aerial photos holi festival indiaIn India, we experience the rich traditions of Rajasthan’s more remote towns, with their legacy of ancient temples, palaces, and imposing fortresses, but our main highlight of the journey is Holi Festival, a wildly exuberant event heralding the approach of spring, complete with singing, dancing, and the enthusiastic flinging of vividly colored powder and water.

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aerial photos iceland Iceland is known as the land of fire and ice, and from this unique angle, you can see the country’s extraordinary contrast of color. This is the result of glacial sediments that flow over the black lava landscapes. On our Iceland adventures, we visit a number of different glaciers, including Vatnajökull Glacier, Europe’s largest glacier, and later soak in the famous Blue Lagoon.

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aerial photos saqswaywaman peruYou can bet Hiram Bingham didn’t have a view like this over some of the fantastic Incan ruins in Peru. This particular ruin is Saqsayhuaman (12,142′), overlooking the vibrant city of Cusco. We visit this site on many of our Peru journeys and also make our way to Machu Picchu.

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aerial photos santorini greeceWhitewashed buildings crowned with blue domed roofs is a specialty of Santorini, Greece. We have a wonderful extension to our Greece journeys that spend time wandering through Santorini’s winding alleys and watching the sunset from a lovely hotel perched right on the cliffs.

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aerial photos elephants AfricaDotted across Southern Africa are a network of watering holes that are frequented by all sorts of wildlife. We love this image because it shows the paths elephants take, leaving behind a vast web of watery tracks.

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