Enthralled with ancient history, I’ve always longed to visit Greece. By the time I set foot on the Greek Islands with my family, I had seen so many pictures, I thought I knew what to expect, but even the best photos did not begin to compare to the real experience. I have never seen so many resplendent shades of blue in my life! As an artist, I was in color heaven.

While hiking, we looked out over the magnificent hues of the sea below, contrasted with the stark landscape and the Greek Island homes, painted in traditional blue and white. While swimming and diving, we were immersed in turquoise and sapphire. The experience of being saturated in such a striking spectrum left an impression on me and as soon as I returned from the trip, I began painting a new series of works, inspired by the sublime colors of the Aegean.

To see more of Tana’s artwork, visit www.tanahakanson.com.

-Paintings, photos, and text by WT Client Services Specialist, Tana Hakanson, Hiking in the Greek Isles

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