hiking in nepal, what to pack

Your level of preparedness for a trek in Nepal can make or break your adventure. Depending on the length, location, and people you are traveling with, your packing list may vary. Below is our list of must-haves for your Nepal adventure, no matter which trek you choose.

1. Durable (and comfortable) Boots!

Happy feet are essential to any trek. Waterproof, warm, comfortable, and broken in boots with excellent tread are key. Lightweight boots may not offer the high degree of ankle support and foot protection you’ll need. Full-grain leather is extremely water-resistant and durable and is preferable to split-grain leather or nylon. If you absolutely prefer trail runners, make sure they are broken in.

2. Camp/Lodge Shoes

In the evenings, you’ll need rest—and so will your feet! Flip-flops, sliders, sandals, or sneakers…pick your pair and make sure you have something comfortable other than your boots.

3. Sunscreen SPF #30 or higher

Essential at high altitudes! We recommend mineral-based sunscreens with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide that don’t have environmentally harmful chemicals. Brands such as Honest Company, Badger, and Raw Elements are found in most sporting goods stores.

4. Fleece/Down Vest

Layers are important on any trek where you’ll experience a variety of altitudes and climates. If you forget a layer, there are many stores in Kathmandu where you can find good, affordable options.

5. Headlamp

Despite a sky full of stars unlike anywhere else on the planet, nighttime gets dark in the Himalayas! Bring a good headlamp and make sure the batteries are charged.

6. Compostable Wipes

Though you may have access to water for hand-washing and bathing, sometimes you just won’t feel clean enough. A good wipe can work wonders. To avoid trashing the beautiful area you came to see, use compostable wipes. We like Wilderness Wash, Campsuds, or Acure Organics Biodegradable Wipes.

7. Biodegradable Soap

For bathing, hand, and face washing. Dr. Bronner’s and Campsuds are great.

8. Refillable Water Bottle

On Wilderness Travel treks in Nepal, you don’t need to worry about bringing a water filter—we’ve got you covered. But a refillable water bottle, on any trek, is essential. We love Nalgene-style wide mouth bottles.

9. Multi-Functional Headware

A good bandana or BUFF always come in handy for sun, sweat, and snot!

10. Deck of Playing Cards

Cards are small enough to carry around and provide unlimited entertainment—perfect for evening games with crew and fellow trekkers.

11. Camera

Without a doubt, you’ll want to document this journey! Any camera will do, just make sure it fits in your daypack.

Of course, there are other things that you’ll need to bring. Good socks, sunglasses, underwear, lightweight pants and shirts, a warm jacket, personal toiletries, toilet paper (water replaces toilet paper in most bathrooms in Nepal) and a small towel, for starters. If you are traveling on your own, you’ll also need a water filter, a sleeping bag, a first aid kit, and extra snacks. All of these things are available in Kathmandu at a reasonable price.

We offer several types of treks in Nepal, and for each one we’ll equip you with a comprehensive packing list that includes everything you’ll need to know before you go. From lodge-based treks in the Everest region, to private journeys in the Annapurnas and camping adventures in remote Dolpo, each trip is unique. The better prepared you are, the better your trip will be!

Take a look at all of our treks in Nepal here. You will find a more detailed packing list under each trip’s “Pre-Departure Information” found in the Travel Details tab.

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