Peruvian children looking at camera

Tired of the same old portraits? The quickest way to get out of a photo rut is to change your camera angle. Here are some suggestions for spicing up your photos:

  • Get down on the ground and shoot at the lowest point you can. Horizontally or straight up—you’d be surprised how the world opens up.
  • Reach high, or better yet, climb stairs. Get to a high vantage point, and shoot down on streets or crowds of people.
  • Use unconventional lenses. Using a telephoto in a crowd gets you to think close-up portraits. Super-wide angles get you to think in terms of new compositions. A fish-eye lens allows you to see the humor in things.
  • Find objects that can be used to “frame” subjects.

For each of these new angles, you might be thinking: how do you look through the viewfinder when you’re holding the camera high up, or when you’re down on the ground? The answer: you don’t. Just start shooting and review photos later for the best ones.

–Image and photo tip by Dan Heller from his book Digital Travel Photography

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