I just took an enchanting trip in the Lot Valley and wanted to share pictures of some of the happy moments our group enjoyed rambling through this timeless area of France. We followed the lovely meanderings of the Lot River on a voyage where every step brought new joys and surprises. Vive la France!

There is nothing more wonderful than waking up in a chateau in France and contemplating this view from your window.
We made a grand entrance into town, crossing a 14th century bridge over the Lot River to enter the city of Cahors, the capital of Malbec wine. We had a great morning exploring the city’s medieval secret corners and savoring the open-air market in front of the cathedral.
A lovely medieval trail brought us to St. Cirq Lapopie, a magnificent village perched on a cliff above the Lot River.
Chef and Trip Leader extraordinaire James Fuss prepared a scrumptious picnic for us, which was waiting at the chateau when we arrived. And, of course, a fine glass of champagne accompanied the meal!
We began this hike in the village of Calvignac, nested against a bend in the river, and we emerged at the Chateau de Cenevieres.
The St. James pilgrimage path led us to the village of Estaing where we visited a church that housed the relics of a local saint.
A hedgehog crossing a crosswalk, the extravagant dessert prepared by the brilliant chef Hervé Busset. I had no idea that hedgehog could taste so delicious.

-Photos and text by WT Trip Leader Annie Hawkins, Medieval France: The Lot Valley

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