WT adventurer Ann Kugel’s Madagascar: Off the Beaten Path trip gave her the chance to come face to face with some of the wild and unique (and some fluffy and cute!) locals of this incredible island. Here is a selection of the animal portraits she captured on her journey.

Madagascar-Ann-Kugel-bl-&-wh-calendar-saadjBlack and White Ruffed Lemur in Ranomafana Park, Madagascar. This is was the first time I was eye to eye with a lemur! I can’t imagine what he thought of me, but he loved having his picture taken.

Madagascar-Ann_Kugel-Diademed-L_edited-1-saadjDiademed Lemur on Lemur Island, Madagascar. “Am I so really beautiful?  I can’t stop looking at myself, just like Narcissus.”

Madagascar-Ann-Kugel-2-horn-cham-excellen_edited-1-saadjTwo-horned Chameleon at Reptile Farm, Madagascar. Looking out for dinner in two directions at the same time!

Madagascar-Ann-Kugel-bamboo-l-cal-copy-saadjBamboo Lemur on Lemur Island, Madagascar. This lemur was so cute and she looked like a stuffed cuddly toy with her red hair. All seven in our group fell in love with her. I named her “Betty Boop.”

– Photos and text by WT adventurer Ann Kugel, Madagascar: Off the Beaten Path

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