The Himalaya stretch as far as the eye can see north of Kathmandu, east and west along the Nepal-China border.

P031Annapurna-I-East-to-Manaslu-IMG_6904-saadjOur good fortune included clear skies and mesmerizing views from our Yeti Airlines flights, one hundred miles in each direction from Kathmandu, and south of the range.

P018Everest-Lhotse-Makalu-IMG_6420-saadjI was able to photograph seven of the fourteen over-8,000-meter-tall peaks, including Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest), the most revered of them all.

P023Everest-IMG_6419-saadjMost of us will never set foot on the slopes of these giants, but seeing them in all their majesty was an incredible highlight of our trip and absolutely unforgettable.

-Photos and text by 11-time WT adventurer Carol Hemminger, Scenic Everest Flight

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