After hiking for over a mile through the narrow chasm of Jordan’s Siq Gorge, I’ll never forget my first view of Petra as it appeared through the narrow slit of the chasm’s steep sandstone walls. My mind raced to the climatic moment as Indiana Jones finally discovers the location of the Holy Grail. And why couldn’t it truly be there? Hadn’t our guide mentioned that the Crusaders referred to the entire Petra Basin as the Valley of Moses? They believed that the gorge had been created as Moses struck the rock to secure water for his people during their flight from Egypt. The legendary Grail could be just around the corner. In any case, I challenge any traveler to make the journey through that gorge and not arrive feeling as awestruck as an explorer making the most amazing discovery yet.

–Story by Jennica Peterson, WT Photo Blog Editor, Pyramids to Petra

–Photo credits (in order of appearance): Brian McGilloway (2), courtesy Jordanian Tourism Board, Dario Bajarin, no credit.


  1. Carolyn Hudson Reply

    Well said, Ms.Peterson! Makes me want to go there even more than I did before!

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