When we stepped off the plane in Havana, it felt like we had traveled back in time to the 1950s. Vintage Chevys roll around the city and people gather on sidewalks, chatting and playing instruments together. Music pours into the streets day and night.

The architecture is a mishmash of styles—from colonial to neo-classical, art deco to modern—in beautiful, bright colors that feel distinctly Cuban. The beaches are spectacular, set on a true turquoise sea, and the food was very good.

We had a wonderful time in Cuba with its warm and welcoming people!



Cuba-Mary-Nicolini-Pax-OK-Cuba---Havana20Maria La GordaCuba-Mary-Nicolini-Pax-OK-Cuba5--Maria-la-Gorda



Cuba-Mary-Nicolini-Pax-OK-Cuba---Cienfuegos1At SeaCuba-Mary-Nicolini-Pax-OK-Cuba---At-Sea

-Photos and text by 3-time WT adventurer Mary Nicolini, Cuba Cultural Adventure

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