In September, we joined a group to roam through Namibia under the direction of Orlando Haraseb (a recent silver medalist for international guide of the year) and Tarry Butcher. We started and ended in Windhoek. This compendium is intended to highlight our trip. The pictures are roughly in the order in which they were shot.

We initially went to Africat, a facility for rescue of Cheetahs that is located south of Otjiwarongo. There we walked with cheetahs and saw leopards, along with many other animals.Randy-Roig-pax-ok-Following-the-Cheetahs---Africat-10Following-the-Cheetahs---Africat-1 Leopard-Mother---Africat-4 Porcupine---Africat-1Randy-Roig-pax-ok-Warthog---Africat-1

Next came Etosha at Anderssons Camp and Dolomite Camp. Here we saw amazing wildlife, mostly gathering at waterholes.

Burchell's-Zebra---Etosha-20 Elephant---Etosha-34 Giraffe---Etosha-23 Kori-Bustard---Etosha-11 Ozonjuitji-m'Bari-Waterhole---Etosha-9 Ozonjuitji-m'Bari-Waterhole---Etosha-16 Randy-Roig-pax-ok-Rhino---Etosha-14 Randy-Roig-pax-ok-West-Etosha-Waterhole-Stop-6---Etosha-1

Next, we visited a Himba village to learn their customs, see their dancing, and to thank them for sharing their lives with us.

Himba-women-treatment-&-adornment-5Himba-dance-1 Himba-Dancers

From there it was on to Damaraland to see red rock and petroglyphs. We also saw a 1200 year old Welwitschia plant—these plants live to more than 2000 years of age.

Sundowner-Camp-Kipwe---Damaraland-5Twyfelfontein---Damaraland-4 Welwitschia---Damaraland-1

We went to the Skeleton Coast to see a shipwreck and then on to Swakopmund for kayaking and flamingos. 


Next up came Sossusvlei, a photographer’s dream of soaring dunes and scenery.

Climbing-the-Dune---Sossusvlei-7-saadj Deadvlei-early-morning---Sossusvlei-20 Deadvlei-mid-morning---Sossusvlei-15 Oryx-Dune-and-Shadow---Sossusvlei-1

Our final stop was a hike in the Tok Tokkie portion of the NamibRand Preserve. We slept out under the starts and saw skies like most of us had never seen before.

Day-1-Hike---Tok-Tokkie-5Day-1-Dinner-Table---Tok-Tokkie-1 Day-1-Evening-Views---Tok-Tokkie-8Oryx---Tok-Tokkie-93These pictures only offer a minor taste of what was there and what we experienced in the vast beauty and grandeur of Namibia.

-Photos and text by WT adventurers Randy Roig and Ellen Sampson, Namibia Expedition

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