Man walking in the hills in Tuscany, Italy, at sunset.

When I’m not leading trips for WT in Italy, France, Corsica, and Sardinia, I live and run a farm in Tuscany. Life there is not always “under the Tuscan sun.”

During the winter, it’s cold, wet, and muddy! Sheep give birth at this time, and everyday we have to fight wild boars that come to eat the brand new baby lambs. Electric fence works with wolves—yes, we have them too!—but it doesn’t seem strong enough to stop these aggressive boars.

These guys are now rock 'n' roll fans.
These guys are now rock ‘n’ roll fans.

Recently I got a dissuasore, a machine to “dissuade” (I don’t know the English name). This is a sort of solar-powered CD player inside a waterproof shell, with which you can record any sound you think might discourage predators from disturbing your livestock. I decided for shooting guns, barking dogs, and rock music—it might not work against wild boars, but it will definitely keep my sheep tuned!

–Text by Stefano Baldi, WT Trip Leader

–Photos by Brian McGilloway (top) and Stefano Baldi (bottom)

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