Tania Masi has lead WT adventures across Europe for almost 15 years. She was born in Florence and now calls Berlin home, and in the meantime has picked up nine languages and a Master’s degree in Geography, as well as a career in journalism and in documentary filmmaking (we’re honored to have her on our team!). Traveling with Tania is always an enthusiastic and informative adventure as she shares her wealth of local knowledge with a charming exuberance with everyone on the trail.

Here, Tania shares scenes she captured on a few of her recent WT expeditions:

Via Alpina
Tania-Masi-Via-Alpina-2014-08-02 14.22.26Tania-Masi-Via-Alpina-2014-08-01 10.52.24Tania-Masi-Via-Alpina-2014-08-04 09.24.44 Tania-Masi-Via-Alpina-2014-08-01 12.53.18Tania-Masi-Via-Alpina-2014-08-05 17.52.18Tania-Masi-Via-Alpina-2014-08-07 09.41.02

Ultimate Dolomites

Tania-Masi-Ultimate-Dolomites-2013-09-09 19.35.19Tania-Masi-Ultimate-Dolomites-2013-09-05 13.55.17 Tania-Masi-Ultimate-Dolomites-2013-09-05 14.20.27 Tania-Masi-Ultimate-Dolomites-2013-09-05 14.33.14 Tania-Masi-Ultimate-Dolomites-2013-09-05 15.52.27 Tania-Masi-Ultimate-Dolomites-2013-09-07 12.39.31 Tania-Masi-Ultimate-Dolomites-2013-09-09 12.09.58Tania-Masi-Via-Alpina-2014-08-07 10.07.57

Across the Saint Bernard Pass

“On our journey across the Saint Bernard Pass, we hiked from the beautiful, sunny area of Valais, Switzerland and crossed the border into Italy, where we landed in “paradise” (Italy’s Gran Paradiso National Park).”

Tania-Masi-Grand-St-Bernard-2014-08-20 11.31.30Tania-Masi-Saint-BernardTania-Masi-Grand-St-Bernard-2014-08-22 12.02.19

“In the valley of Arpette by Champex, cowbells make a magic, unforgettable sound, a passage between reality and dream.”

Tania-Masi-Grand-St-Bernard-2014-08-27 10.16.42Tania-Masi-Grand-St-Bernard-2014-08-24 11.20.08 -Photos by WT Trip Leader Tania Masi

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