Aerial view of the Tara River Canyon in Montenegro.

Many WT adventurers ask me, “What’s your favorite country? Where is your favorite spot in the world?”

Every Trip Leader knows how hard a question this is to answer, since traveling the planet is our passion and discovering new places is our job. I have my favorite little place in each country, in each town, and on every trail. It might be a small bar with local food, a rock from where you can admire and listen to the river, or a roadside stop where an elderly lady sells small lavender cushions.

Group of people rafting on the Tara River in Montenegro while looking up at the bridge.

In Montenegro, one of my very favorite places is on the edge of Tara Canyon, the deepest canyon in Europe. From here, you have a gorgeous view down to the crystalline waters of the Tara River—you feel as though you could fly over it all like a hawk! Then, to get another perspective, I love to whoosh down the river on a raft with my WT group, viewing those same 4,000-foot canyon walls while braving Class III rapids. By the end of the ride, many WT adventurers have their own favorite place in Montenegro!

–Text and rafting photo by Ingrid Cercek, WT Trip Leader, Montenegro and the Adriatic Coast



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