Portugal may be known for its decadent port wines, but head out on the trails and you’ll discover a fantastic world of adventure. One of our staff members joined our Hiker’s Journey to Portugal in September 2018, and came back with tales from the trail (and of course some bottles of delicious wine). Take a look at some of her favorite photos from the trip!
alleyway in portugalPortugal is truly a delight for the senses—from its quaint, picturesque villages that seem to be frozen in time to the hauntingly beautiful sounds of its fado music, to the taste of its delightful wine and regional dishes. My adventure in this wondrous land was an amazing experience. I learned more about Portugal’s culture and history, and explored its diverse and alluring landscape with a wonderful group of travelers.
swing on trail in portugalOn our first day, we hiked along forested trails that ended near this stream with a swing. Some of the group even took a refreshing dip.
group photo in lousa in portugalHere is our group in Lousã, one of the Portugal’s mountain towns that was the perfect base to explore Serra da Lousã mountains. group hiking in portugal The trails brought us through enchanting forests, down into valleys, and to wonderful lookouts over postcard-perfect towns. couple hiking in portugalLuke and I with the village of Manteigas (“Butter” in English) in the background. girl by pool in douro valley in portugal
Enjoying the view of the Douro river from the Quinta do Crasto winery. Our group had a wine tasting here and we had time to explore the vineyards.
valley vineyards in portugalView of the spectacular Douro valley vineyards. This valley is famous for its red wines, but Quinta do Crasto winery also grows and harvests different types of white grapes that are indigenous to Portugal. And they are delicious!
Douro river in portugalThe peaceful, meandering Douro river.
Espigueiros in portugalDifferent espigueiros, or granaries, we passed along the pilgrim route to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Peneda. They look like little cathedrals, but are used to dry grain.hikers on trail in portugalCobblestone path en route from Soajo to Peneda.
cobbestone path in portugalDuring our hike to the Sanctuary of our Lady of Peneda, we were rewarded with sweeping views of the town of Soajo.
beautiful cathedral in portugalWe made it! View of the Sanctuary of our Lady of Peneda. This is one of the stops on an important pilgrim route that is used to this day.
wine tasting in portugalOne evening, we stayed at Paco de Calheiros, a 17th century palace, and savored another wonderful wine tasting. sunset view in portugalThe view could not be beat. Right from the count’s estate in Ponte de Lima. We even met the Count of Calheiros himself!
woman standing by statue in portugalOur local guide showing us around the town of Ponte de Lima. All of our local guides and our Trip Leaders really brought the spirit of the place to life. port wine cellar in portugalA trip to Portugal would not be complete without a visit to a port winery. Our final days were spent in Porto, where we toured of Graham’s Port Lodge wine cellar… port wine tasting in portugal…and enjoyed (another) wine tasting. Vintage, tawny, and ruby port. Oh my!
porto, portugal—Text by WT staff Rebecca Streicker-Calle; photos by Rebecca, Luke Curley, and Charmane Sia; Hiker’s Journey to Portugal.

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