Photo by Diane Svedberg_Holly and Cristobal-adjHere I am in the Andean village of Patacancha, Peru, playing the 16-string bandurria with Cristobal Quispe. Cristobal is just one of my longtime friends and teachers of Andean and Afro-Peruvian music that WT adventurers met on the 2012 “Songs of the Andes” trip.

On this journey, we also shared in an offering to the mountain spirits with my dear compadres from the Quechua mountain community of Q’eros, attended a patron saint festival that was full of music and colorful dances, tried our hands at traditional Andean weaving and cooking a local dish, and had silly fun trying to dance with our Afro-Peruvian musician friends in my home in Cusco, Peru.

I’m so excited about this WT expedition because it allows me to share my deep passion for the music and the arts that thrive in the region surrounding where I live. This is deeply rewarding. Many of the travelers in the group commented to me how special it was to spend time with these artists and learn about Peru’s complex culture through its music.

–Text by Holly Wissler, WT Trip Leader

–Photo by WT Adventurer Diane Svedberg


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