Of the many trips that I have taken with Wilderness Travel, my favorite adventure took place in the southern African nation of Namibia. “Why?” you might ask. For one, my fellow travelers and I shared an interest in photography and were guided by professional photographer Dana Allen. He provided us with huge range of subjects, from sea lion colonies on the coast to plains wildlife and desert landscapes, but it is the colors I remember most: the red-orange dunes of the Namib desert, the muted metallic adornments of the Himba tribe, the turquoise waters off the Skeleton Coast, and the rainbow of flora and fauna in Etosha Park. I came to Namibia expecting the desert and the ocean, but I was stunned by the environmental richness of all the country’s ecosystems. I encourage you to discover it for yourself!
–Photos and text by 8-time WT adventurer Petra Warner, Namibia Photo Expedition

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