Myanmar is a land of mystery and majesty. On our trip, we got a glimpse of many of the settings and narratives that make up its story—temples rising from a shroud of morning haze, glistening gilded shrines in the setting sun, indigenous families preserving their culture, placid lakes with local fishermen.

Hot Air Balloons over Bagan
Balloons float over Bagan as the sun rises and reveals golden temples
gilded shrine from Mandalay Hill
Atop Mandalay Hill, looking down at a gilded shrine in the last light of day
Akha hilltribe village boy
Young lad looking pensive in an Akha hilltribe village
Intha fisherman leg rower
Leg-rowing Intha fisherman with a fish trap
Bagan temples
The spires of Bagan temples fill the horizon in this view from the top of a towering pagoda

It’s a stunning place.

-Photos by WT adventurer Susan Gurney, Myanmar: Wonders of the Golden Land

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