Ehtiopia-Paul-Kaplan-pax-DSC_3686-saadjIn the Omo River Valley of Ethiopia, we visited the villages of five different primitive tribes. All of the tribes decorated their bodies in one way or another, but the Karo Tribe’s body decorations were especially impressive.

Ethiopia-Paul_Kaplan-pax-P1100383_edited-1They paint white chalk and red ochre over their bodies, employing different patterns. They do this to make themselves more attractive to the opposite sex and for festivities and ceremonies.

Ehtiopia-Paul-Kaplan-pax-DSC_3690-saadjThe men also use body paint to look intimidating to rival tribes in the region. They carry weapons to guard their cattle from wild animals and other tribes and also to enhance their status.

Paul-Kaplan-Karo-woman-babyThe women decorate their necks with strands of colorful beads and paint red ochre in their hair.


-Photos and text by 4-time WT adventurer Paul Kaplan, Lost Worlds of Ethiopia

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