Picture of the graffiti on the John Lennon wall in Prague, Czech Republic.

On our wanderings through Prague, we came across this wall dedicated to John Lennon. It features layer upon layer of tributes to the famous Beatle—along with graffiti from thousands of visitors and locals. During the communist era, the Secret Police tried to keep the wall clean, but again and again they failed. Officially owned by the Knights of Malta and located in the Mala Strana district of the city, the wall has become an ongoing statement of freedom.

–Photo and text by Jennica Peterson, WT Photo Blog Editor, Czech Castles and Country Walks


  1. Even though some would regard this photo as re-cycled art, it’s an excellent shot worthy of enlargement, printing and hanging on a wall.

    • Wilderness Travel Reply

      Thanks so much, Bill! Finding that graffiti-covered wall in the the midst of Prague’s fairy tale–like buildings was an interesting surprise. -Jennica

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