El Chalten Patagonia, one of my favorite places on earth.
At the base of the Torres del Paine towers! We are at an altitude of 2887 feet and the towers reach 9350 feet high, an incredible rise over run.
These sharp peaks are granite plutons shaped by glacial erosion, more than 3500 feet vertical.
Some guanacos we met on the trail who have a pretty nice view from their front yard!
Laguna Azul from Estancia Helsingfors, on one of the hikes that is almost always just for us WTers with no one else around.
Bergy bits floating on Lago Grey, on a morning hike in Chile looking up toward a vista of the glacier.
When I fall asleep, I often dream of one of the most peaceful places of all, Estancia Lazo on the Chilean side of Patagonia, with a backdrop of Parque Nacional Torres del Paine.
Amigos, you all should come here some day.

-Photos and text by WT Trip Leader Rob Noonan, In Patagonia


  1. Torres del Paine must be breath-taking! I have only seen photos, but I really hope to make it there one day. Such a distinctive mountain scenery and the entire area must be hiking and kayaking heaven…

    • Sommer Antrim Reply

      Hi Oliver,
      You’re right, Torres del Paine (and Patagonia as a whole) is stunningly beautiful! It’s almost other-wordly hiking with the sharp peaks and glaciers around you. I hope you can join us on a trip there soon!
      Sommer Antrim
      WT Photoblog Editor

  2. Ellen Catt Reply

    Had you for a guide on the Camino de Santiago last fall, seeing these photos has me keeping Patagonia on my to do list for sure. Hope all is well and hope to see you “In Patagonia”,

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