WT adventurers Steve and Elaine Hathaway joined our Greece: Zagoria and Mt. Olympus journey a few years ago and it inspired them to return to Greece on our Hiking in the Greek Isles trip in 2017. Here are some great images from their adventure.

We had thoroughly enjoyed hiking in and around the tiny villages of Zagoria of northern Greece, seeing the Meteora monasteries, and hiking to the top of Mt. Olympus (Greece: Zagoria and Mt. Olympus). I would say that we fell in love with the Greek culture and wonderful food on that trip, all the while being entertained by our “larger than life” Trip Leader, Kostas Vasileiou. So we placed the Hiking in the Greek Isles journey on our “to do” list.

Our opportunity to return to Greece came in May 2017. And who do we run into in the taxi line to get to our hotel in Athens? Our two guides, Kostas and Dimitra! It was a fun reunion from the very beginning as our group of 10 set out with Kostas on our odyssey to the Greek Isles. We visited three islands in the Cyclades—Tinos, Naxos, and Amorgos. What’s wonderful about these islands is that they are “off the beaten path,” with very few other tourists. We hiked through some lovely villages with white-washed buildings, blue-domed churches, and had wonderful lunches and dinners. Kostas loves introducing everyone to a variety of tasty Greek foods, all served family-style so that you can sample it all. And if you like swimming, the Aegean is crystal clear (though it was slightly chilly this May).

Hike in Amorgos, Greece
Kostas leading the group down a stone path on Amorgos with the beautiful Aegean in the background.
Acropolis, Greece
A trip to Greece is not complete without a tour of the Acropolis.
Hike on Tinos, Greece
Hiking back to our hotel on Tinos before walking to the beach for a late afternoon swim.
church and bougainvillea in Greece
A few delightful things you will see throughout the islands—white-washed churches, vines of blooming bougainvillea, and cats.
People in front of a small chapel in Tinos, Greece
Taking a short break at a small chapel on Tinos.
Hikers near a blue-domed church in Greece
One of the hundreds of blue-domed chapels found throughout the islands.
Hiking near windmills on the Cyclades Greece
Just starting our morning hike near one of the ancient windmills that can be found throughout the Cyclades.
Street sign in Amorgos Greece
Even on little Amorgos, you are never far from the major capitals of the world!
blue door bouganvillea greece
Another stunning door with blooming bougainvillea.
Hikers on Krikelos, Amorgos in Greece
Resting at the one of the ancient windmills at the top of Mt. Krikelos (2,200′) on Amorgos.
hiking in Greece
On the way to lunch at a seaside taverna after a morning hike.
family sitting at table eating food in Greece
Our group spent three hours on Mykonos, where we ran into our son’s college roommate and his wife. It’s a small world!

—Photos and text by 10-time WT Adventurer Steve Hathaway, Hiking in the Greek Isles.

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