Your travels might have been put on pause, but we’re pressing play on these adventurous short films you can watch for free online. From Patagonia to Palau, our team put together five of our favorite short videos that will transport you to some of the furthest reaches of the world—without leaving your couch!

Douglas Tompkins: Wild Legacy

This wonderful 16-minute film captures the visionary spirit of Doug and Kris Tompkins, founders of Tompkins Conservation. Through their efforts, the conservation has created more than 15 new national parks, “rewilding” native species and preserving over 10 million acres of key ecosystems in Chile and Argentina. Their audacious work was the inspiration for our trip to Patagonia’s Wild North.

“WT is honored to support Tompkins Conservation,” says Barbara Banks, WT’s Director of New Trip Development. “Our clients have been welcomed by Kris with behind-the-scenes experiences and special hikes in these breathtaking lands.”

Loved By All: The Story of Apa Sherpa

This visually stunning 14-minute film follows Pemba Sherpa, a boy who walks six hours a day to attend school in the Khumbu Valley. Pemba’s story is a present-day reflection of Apa Sherpa, who was forced to quit his education to become a porter out of economic necessity. Apa has summited Everest 21 times, more than any other human, but is now focused on improving the education system for Sherpa children so they have the structure in place choose their own path.

“This beautifully shot documentary gives a poignant depiction of the Sherpa people, their culture, and the dilemma that many young men and women of their society face,” says WT Marketing Director Scott Abbott.

A Line Across the Sky

When you first think of Patagonia, you probably picture the iconic skyline of Cerro Fitz Roy. Spanning four miles and rising 13,000 feet, this snow and ice-covered granite wall is a climber’s dream, or worst nightmare. This 7-minute film chronicles the 2014 traverse of climbing duo, Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold (a former WT Special Event Guest Speaker).

“Watching the most renowned big wall duo of the past decade attempt to traverse one of the most iconic lines on the planet…what’s not to love?” says WT’s Patagonia Specialist Matt Zelin.

Watchtower of Turkey

In what feels like a three-minute and thirty-second sprint, this award-winning short film will leave you breathing heavy. A frantic cinematic experience from Istanbul through the heart of Turkey, transporting you to this vibrant country to experience the sights and sounds for yourself.

“Every second of this video is filled to the brim with love for Turkey,” says WT Area Specialist Dana Walsh. “The bustling streets, the food, the landscapes, and most of all, the people—if Turkey isn’t on your travel list, it soon will be.”

National Geographic: Pristine Seas

Leave it to the team at National Geographic to whisk us away on an educational journey to Palau’s Rock Islands. This 9-minute film follows Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala as he and his team explore Palau’s waters and assess how a marine protected area can help safeguard the ecosystems of this paradise for future generations.

“This footage is amazing,” says WT’s Palau Specialist Sydney Dillon. “It is a great overview of why Palau is such a success story in the world of marine protected areas, and how local communities are vital to conservation.”


While this isn’t a “short” film, it’s a staff favorite because of our special connection with Conrad Anker, a longtime friend of WT and multiple-time Guest Speaker, including our upcoming Total Solar Eclipse Special Event in 2021. It’s also now available for free on Amazon Prime!

Meru is much more than a climbing movie, as it delves into the lives of the three climbers—Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, and Renan Ozturk—and the personal challenges they faced before even setting foot on the Shark’s Fin.

“I’ve gotten to know Conrad Anker and his family pretty well over the years, on WT special events in Nepal, Antarctica, and Patagonia,” says WT Special Projects Manager Ray Rodney. “This film shows Conrad’s remarkable story of overcoming adversity with courage and compassion. That is the heart of the movie.”

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