Sometimes overlooked amidst the iconic pyramids, temples, and tombs of Egypt are the people of this amazing country, whose pride in their heritage and friendly demeanor are evident to those fortunate enough to visit.


A colorfully-attired attendant in the entryway to the less-visited pyramid of Hawara, now closed to the public because of flooding. At right: A proprietor of an “oil” shop pours a small amount of lotus flower perfume for purchase.


An attendant at the museum at Abu Simbel in southern Egypt holding an ankh – the ancient symbol of life. At right: Three children who weren’t shy in Coptic Cairo.

tambourine-string-musicianA tambourine player and string musician playing for tips to those preparing to visit the Temple of Philae near Aswan. The boy playing tambourine asked to have this photo sent to him via email when I returned.


A young boy looks up at our hot air balloon as we float over Luxor.


A local man, who was not shy about posing next to one of the Colossi of Memnon in Luxor.


An open air barber shop outside of Luxor.


An attendant at Karnak Temple in Luxor. At right: A rug weaver near Dahshur. The rug weaving demonstration is in the basement while the showroom is upstairs.


A young girl who, at the behest of her mother, was trying to sell Kleenex tissues to drivers stopped in traffic in Cairo. At right: An old man in Cairo.


Five local teenagers pose for an impromptu photo in Coptic Cairo.


A man and his camel, Great Pyramid of Cheops on the Giza plateau.

-Photos and text by 10-time WT adventurer Bill Cain, Egypt Private Journey

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