In October 1983, Rob Taylor set out on Wilderness Travel’s Trek to Everest Base Camp, his first-ever adventure travel trip. Diana Garmus joined the same Everest Base Camp Trek, a follow-up to her climb of Kilimanjaro the year before. In the Frankfurt airport en route to Nepal, Rob and Diana crossed paths and struck up a conversation after noticing they both had Wilderness Travel luggage tags. Once on the Everest trail, they discovered they hiked at the same pace and trekked together for the whole trip. After the trip, Diana returned home to Washington D.C. and Rob to Ottawa, Canada. The next year, they planned a follow-up Wilderness Travel bicycle adventure together to China. Soon Rob moved to Washington D.C., the two were married, and they have been trekking, climbing, and hiking together around the world ever since. In January, they’ll celebrate 34 years of shared adventure on our Belize: Reefs, Ruins, and Rainforests trip.

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