Set aboard a classic 86-foot wooden yacht, Baja: Exploring the Sea of Cortez combines the draw of a boat journey—whale-watching, phenomenal snorkeling and kayaking, and unbelievably fresh seafood—with on-land excursions on isolated islands and desert arroyos. Please enjoy these photos by Calvin Jones, who made the trip in February of this year.

boat at sunset in baja

After years of investigating options, we finally found the ideal way to visit the remarkable ecology of Baja California Sur. Wilderness Travel helped us find a tour on a truly exclusive ship, with just four staterooms and a superb crew led by a charming and expert captain, Bill Bailey; an accomplished naturalist and guide, Carlos Bermudez; and the most talented chef to ever set foot on a marine craft, Tracie Triolo.

The ship and crew led us to truly unspoiled, naturally wild places, shared their deep knowledge of the marine and terrestrial wildlife (and every form of plant species), and organized exciting walks, kayaking, snorkeling, and even a late-night beach party that included s’mores! Their dedication and insights made every moment of the trip a delight, and gave us a greater appreciation this remarkable region. Here are some of the many photos I took, in no particular order.

—Text and photos by WT adventurer Calvin Jones, Baja: Exploring the Sea of Cortez.

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