For twelve days, our home was a lovely gulet and our backyard was the deep blue Aegean Sea.


After exploring Istanbul including the beautifully ornate Blue Mosque, we flew to the sea port of Antalya. Boarding our floating home we journeyed westward, following the curve of Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast up toward Ephesus. Modern-Day Turkey holds the crossroads of so many ancient civilizations whose footprints still remain, relics of millennia past. We hiked to Byzantine castles and Lycian tombs, to a Roman amphitheater, and to the Pisidian city of Termessos (one that Alexander the Great was never able to conquer). We visited locations that are backdrops to Greek myths and to stories in Homer’s Iliad


Many mornings we’d swim in a little cove, sometimes in the shadow of the ruins of an ancient city with bits of pottery scattered across the sea floor. Sometimes lying around on deck, reading a good book with a view of an incredible sunset, felt like exactly the right place to be. From the food, hikes and swimming to the history, the land to the sea, we loved every minute.


-Text by 9-time WT adventurers Jan and Orion Knox, photos by Orion Knox, The Turquoise Coast